Inspired by Gaelen's feats of panoramage, I made a few panoramas myself. They were taken, like the rest of the shots, with my Canon S230, but then stitched together using the hugin front-end to the Panotools library. Finally, image blending was done using enblend. At some point in the future I may crop the edges off these.

Panoramas for Tue 2005-05-31 19:56:47 UTC

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(5080x1594, 9269.6 kb) A view of the balloon facility looking north from the pad. From left you can make out the model rocket, the Main Building, the Chapel, the Cathedral, the Basilica, and, on the far right, the rocket range tower.

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(8201x1838, 15340 kb) A view of Esrange from Keops Hill looking from something like north to something like east. In the centre of the image is Radar Hill, with it's buildings and satellite dishes on top, and the road winding up to it. The balloon base is obscured behind it, but various other Esrange buildings and dishes can be seen strung out to the left of the Hill.

Panoramas for Mon 2005-06-06 20:41:33 UTC

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(14591x1806, 25144 kb) A 360 degree panorama of the pad from Friday night, after a long rain. The cut in the photograph is roughly to the east. Left of centre, Radar Hill is still obscured by rain clouds. There are a few stitching artifacts in the foreground, mostly on Hercules, but on the whole it turned out well enough.

Panoramas for Thu 2005-06-09 16:33:09 UTC

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(15202x2143, 33382 kb) Another panorama, this one of BLAST central. This was taken Monday night before the launch attempt. From left we have Gaelen's laptop (redshift), the round table which holds the printer, boromir (which is running Orbiter Sim), galadriel (where I sit), Ed, with David, working on schedule files (as usual), Enzo's laptop, the star camera monitors in the corner, the SIP Simulator laptop (which interfaces with some of the equipment in Palestine, denethor, Barth's laptop, eowyn (where Barth sits), Matt's laptop (cherry), Subaru (where Matt sits), bert (where Mark sits), bill, Jeff (doing Jeffish things), and tom. Image composition didn't go as well as I had hoped, as everything is rather near field, but I don't think I'll be redoing it.

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