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(15202x2143, 33382 kb) Another panorama, this one of BLAST central. This was taken Monday night before the launch attempt. From left we have Gaelen's laptop (redshift), the round table which holds the printer, boromir (which is running Orbiter Sim), galadriel (where I sit), Ed, with David, working on schedule files (as usual), Enzo's laptop, the star camera monitors in the corner, the SIP Simulator laptop (which interfaces with some of the equipment in Palestine, denethor, Barth's laptop, eowyn (where Barth sits), Matt's laptop (cherry), Subaru (where Matt sits), bert (where Mark sits), bill, Jeff (doing Jeffish things), and tom. Image composition didn't go as well as I had hoped, as everything is rather near field, but I don't think I'll be redoing it.

Click to enlargeAn odd telephone warning.
Click to enlargeMatt fills the nitrogen purge tank.
Click to enlargeMatt fills the nitrogen purge tank. Boil off from the nitrogen in this well insulated tank is piped up and blown over the cryostat window to keep it from icing over.
Click to enlargeEd exhausted from making schedule files.
Click to enlargeThe midnight sun from atop Radar Hill.
Click to enlargeBarth and Marie check the anemometer.
Click toplayThe anemometer spinning in the breeze.
Click to enlargeGaelen proposes taking the short cut.
Click to enlargeStarting out on the short cut.
Click to enlargeMarie finds some snow.
Click to enlargeA spring.
Click to enlargeBoggy.
Click to enlargeSomebody's house.
Click to enlargeThe back of the satellite tracking station at the base of Radar Hill. From this side, it's clear that the dishes don't, in fact, look at the hill but just slightly to the left of it.
Click to enlargeBack on the pad.
Click to enlargeThe launch equipment waiting for the next attempt.
Click to enlargeFrom the mine tour. This is a map of Kiruna showing how the mine will will eventually undermine the city. As they mine deeper, they're pushed northward, under the city, as can be seen in the inset. As they remove ore from the slab of magnetite, the ground that the city is on will slowly slump, cracking foundations of buildings.
Click to enlargeA cutaway view of the mine's operations. There used to be a mountain of essentially iron which was dismantled starting in 1910. Since then they've been working their way down. Their main drift is now at 1045 metres below the summit of the mountain. The visitors' centre was at the 420 metre level.
Click to playA rolling rock.
Click to enlargeOur guide shows us a map of the visitors' centre.
Click to enlargeGaelen and Ed at the mine tour.
Click to enlargeA three dimensional view of the mine, which is unfortunately obscured by my camera flash. The blue mass underground is the mineral deposit, a flat slab of magnetite.
Click to enlargeIn the tour.
Click to enlargeModels of LKAB's trains. LKAB is the company that runs the mine. It's a Swedish Crown Corporation.
Click to enlargeA large cavern in the visitors' centre. The surrounding rock is Cambrian bedrock, which seems to do a good job of holding up the ceiling.
Click to enlargeOur guide explains the extraction process. The mining operation is almost completely remotely operated. Interested parties can get more information from LKAB's website.
Click to enlargeOne of the remote controlled rock movers. The Kiruna mine is the one of the largest and most advanced mines.
Click to enlargeA drift in the mine.
Click to enlargeAn old boring machine.
Click to enlargeMarie checks out the cab.
Click to enlargeA close-up of the machinery.
Click to enlargeA junction.
Click to enlargeAnother piece of machinery.
Click to enlargeLooking at the old mine equipment in the machinery hall.
Click to enlargeOur guide standing on one of the drill bits.
Click to enlargeOne of the skip cars, lying on its side, which lifts the ore from the extraction level to the surface.
Click to enlargeAn old control panel.
Click to enlargeA street sign underground.
Click to enlargeMarie inspects some of the surveying equipment in the museum.
Click to enlargeHigh-tech telephony in the mine.
Click to enlargeThe mine museum. At the end of the drift is one of the streetcars which used to be used in Kiruna.
Click to enlargeInside the streetcar.
Click to enlargeInside the streetcar. They were retired in 1958.
Click to enlargeLooking towards the mine from Kiruna.
Click to enlargeHeading down the hill from the centre of town. In the distance you can see an ore train waiting to take iron to Narvik.
Click to enlargeA white ptarmigan or willow grouse at the Ripan Restaurant. In Lappish, it's called a Kiiruna. In Swedish it's a Ripa. The "LK" in LKAB stands for Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara, Lappish for Salmon Mountain and Grouse Mountain, which were the two ore mountains in which mining started. (The AB is an abbreviation for aktiebolag which is the Swedish equivalent of Ltd. and similar.)
Click to enlargeAt the Ripan Restaurant.
Click to enlargeKiruna city hall.
Click to enlargeA view of the mine from the fifth floor of the Scandic Hotel. In the centre of the photograph is the mine's office tower. The entrance to the mine is behind it just to the left. In the foreground, on the near side of the slough is the train station.
Click to enlargeLooking west from the Scandic Hotel.
Click to enlargePaul sets up for "the shot" from the fifth floor balcony.
Click to enlargeAnother view of the mine. You can see the slump which mining has produced, a long gully running parallel to the hill.
Click to enlargeJeff's launch time predictor. From centre: Sunday Morning (100 points), Saturday Morning (75 points), Next Wednesday (50 points), Next Sunday (25 points), Two Weeks (10 points).

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