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Click to enlargeChrist Church Cathedral
Click to enlargeOrgan console.
Click to enlargeFlowers.
Click to enlargeWindow.
Click to enlargeOrgan pipes.
Click to enlargeRandom architecture?
Click to enlargeThere was some reasonably pleasant vocal jazz going on while I was in the church.
Click to enlargeFlags.
Click to enlargeMore flags. The big one is the Kiwi naval ensign (which should be distinguished from the red civil ensign, which we saw earlier). The flag at far right is the Flag of the United Tribes of New Zealand, the first semi-official flag of the islands (circa 1840, before New Zeland became a Colony).
Click to enlargePlaque in the Cathedral commemorating the 1955 expetition to Antarctica.
Click to enlargeRaindrop sculpture with the word "rain" in various different languages.
Click to enlargeIncluding Elvish...? I'd guess it's Sindarin, though I don't know why it's not written using the Tengwar. I couldn't find any Klingon.
Click to enlargeThe Windor Hotel's mascot, doing what she does best.
Click to enlargeRiver Avon.
Click to enlargeThe Bridge of Rememberance, again.
Click to enlargeThe Bridge of Rememberance, again. "QVID NON PRO PATRIA", What would one not do for his country?.
Click to enlargeAn up-ended sea container across the street from the art gallery.
Click to enlargeCranmer Square. The park across the street from the Hotel.
Click to enlargeThe floral clock. Described as Christchurch's cheesiest tourist attraction.
Click to enlargeAt Christchurch airport. That's not my plane. Mine was a significantly more boring A320.
Click to enlargeFuelling the plane: 4499 litres.
Click to enlargeLeaving Christchurch.
Click to enlargeThe Ashley River in northern Canterbury.
Click to enlargeMountains.
Click to enlargeMountains.
Click to enlargeWaikato River mouth, on the North Island.
Click to enlargeWaiuku.
Click to enlargeOn the ground in Aukland. In the distance there's a Air New Zealand plane painted in the livery of the All Blacks.
Click to enlargeThe FTC elevator at LAX. I don't get it. What happened to numbers?
Click to enlargeHome again, home again, jiggity-jig.

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