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Click to enlargeMartin and Grant in the compressor room.
Click to enlargeZak, Grant, Justus, and Colin working in Science in the Elevated Station.
Click to enlargeMe ready to hike back from MAPO to the Station.
Click to enlargeJustus with a lot of beer for Pub Trivia night.
Click to enlargeThe SPF guys store beverages in the window to keep it cool.
Click to enlargeThe mezzanine in Science, used for equipment storage. Not a lot of head room. The pipe with the red band in the middle distance is roughly neck high.

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(7401x1664, 2543.62 kb) A mildly fish-eyed view of Science taken from the mezzanine stairs. Science is one of the larger rooms in the Elevated Station, but it is well utilised. In the far corner at left is the Met Office (that is, the weather guys), next is the large IceCube area. Straight ahead, under the clock, is the SPT area. In front of that is where we and BICEP2 have set up shop. (You can just see the top of our desk.) Over on the right is the domain of the atmospheric scientists.

Click to enlargeThe game room.
Click to enlargeA plaque in the large conference room.
Click to enlargeA piece of the southermost (exposed) rock.
Click to enlargePalm trees outside COMMS.
Click to enlargeCOMMS, the central operations room of the Station.
Click to enlargeCOMMS, the central operations room of the Station.
Click to enlargeThe view of the Dark Sector from COMMS.
Click to enlargeThe administrative corridor.
Click to enlargeThe big conference room.
Click to enlargeThe second floor hallway. Different coloured chequerboard patterns on the walls help break up the sameness.
Click to enlargeThe exercise room, overlooking the gymnasium.
Click to enlargeThe entrance to the gymnasium, and the Destination Alpha stair. This is the first thing you see when you first arrive.
Click to enlargeThe first floor hallway.
Click to enlargeScience Storage, where they store science when not in use.
Click to enlargeThe arts and crafts room.

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