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Click to enlargeJamie and Chin-Lin test the housekeeping wiring of K1.
Click to enlargeJustus checks his chopper box.
Click to enlargeParaskiing.
Click to enlargeParaskiing.
Click to enlargeParaskiing.
Click to enlargeBiking on the Dark Sector road.
Click to enlargeA French box.
Click to enlargeThe first thing you see when heading up into the lab.
Click to enlargeA map of MAPO. We spend most of our time in Laboratory 1. Keck is now in the telescope labelled DASI. The VIPER telescope on the right was later replaced by Python, and is now unused.
Click to enlargeChris makes cables.
Click to enlargeRobert hunts for electronics.
Click to enlargeThe niobium spittoon. It provides magnetic shielding for the detector readout.
Click to enlargeAn MCE filter box.
Click to enlargeA brand-new variac.
Click to enlargeDarren and Steve work on BLASTbus debugging.
Click to enlargeA mess of test equipment.
Click to enlargeK1 on the pump.
Click to enlargeColin attaches the leak checker.
Click to enlargeChris and Colin leak check the cryostat. Chris has a tube attached to a helium gas canister. He sprays various parts of the joins in the cryostat with helium, which the leak checker will detect, if it leaks into the cryostat.
Click to enlargeK1 pulse-tube plumbing.
Click to enlargeJon and Justus work on the BICEP2 chopper.
Click to enlargeHoisting K1 to gain more cleaning.
Click to enlargeTrucking K1 back to the other part of the lab.
Click to enlargeTurning on the turbo pump.
Click to enlargeTurning on the turbo pump.
Click to enlargeWindy but clear.
Click to enlargeIn the Science Lab in the Elevated Station, acquiring noise data.

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