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Click to enlargeColin and Grant work on the waveplate.
Click to enlargeAs I've said: most visited web page.
Click to enlargeJamie removes K2's Helium fridges.
Click to enlargeHeat strapping.
Click to enlargeThe AST/RO hut has been replaced by a shed. Also, the IceCube flag has been re-erected.
Click to enlargeHerc on deck.
Click to enlargeWalking out to Peligroso to bid Walt farewell.
Click to playThis is an attempt to demonstrate how loud LC-130s are.

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(12325x2149, 3645.44 kb) Arrivals and departures at the flight terminal (aka Peligroso).

Click to enlargeWalt shows off his SPT shirt.
Click to enlargeWaiting for departure.
Click to enlargeIceCube group shot. About 30 IceCubers left, putting a big dent in Station population.
Click to enlargeIceCube group shot.
Click to enlargeLunch!
Click to enlargeThe snow barrier they built in front of Destination Alpha over the past few days is almost gone. Where does it go? I don't know, but I suggested they retro it all to McMurdo, which could use more snow.
Click to enlargeGetting a ride to MAPO on the shuttle.
Click to enlargeAnother shot of the remnants of AST/RO.
Click to enlargeThe tourist camp in the distance.
Click to enlargeThe DASI mount (containing Keck).
Click to enlargeHelium fridge bracket.
Click to enlargeK2s helium fridges. There is one helium-4 fridges (left) and two helium-3 fridge (centre and right).
Click to enlargeThe stripped cold plate.
Click to enlargeThe most dangerous game: Colin solders near the cryostat.
Click to enlargeJamie re-assembles K2's helium fridges.
Click to enlargeJon inspects the half wave plate
Click to enlargeColin and Grant work on the half wave plate warm electronics.
Click to enlargeCarbon fibre standoffs. These one's hold the focal plane.
Click to enlargeOld-school LeCroy analog electronics. In case you care, from left: two dual gate generators, a fan-in/fan-out, a coincidence unit, a level translator and, finally, two quad discriminators (one of which is upside-down).
Click to enlargeClosing up K1.
Click to enlargeClosing up K1.
Click to enlargeK2's cold stage re-assembled.
Click to enlargeSarah and Colin cable K1 for close-out.
Click to enlargeSarah and Colin cable K1 for close-out.
Click to enlargeJustus tests the new chopper he made.
Click to enlargeHeat strap installed.
Click to enlargeColin with the feedthrough plate, the final piece of the K1 cryostat.
Click to enlargeFinal close-out.
Click to enlargeK1 closed, finally.
Click to enlargeSnow shoving continues.

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