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Click to enlargeOstrich eggs in the Galley (regular egg shown for scale).
Click to enlargeBreakfast.
Click to enlargeYou know there's not enough to do when vacuuming becomes interesting.
Click to enlargeSarah checks the status of the mirror on the end of the telescope.
Click to enlargeThe Keck Array from above. As you can see, only one of the three telescopes has been installed. The small porthole on the right is for the star tracker.
Click to enlargeClosing up K1.
Click to enlargeSarah takes noise data.
Click to enlargeGrant lowers the cap over the waveplate.
Click to enlargeChris inspects some heat straps.
Click to enlargeLooking down the hall towards the receiver room (which is under the telescope). We were doing a relay to quickly get messages between the people in the receiver cabinet and the computers in the lab. I happened to be positioned in the jog.
Click to enlargeLooking the other way.
Click to enlargeA DC-3 picking up some tourists.
Click to enlargeA downed IceCube flag.
Click to enlargeWaiting for ALCI's DC-3 to taxi across the Dark Sector road.
Click to enlargePre-launch checks.
Click to enlargePre-launch checks.
Click to enlargeTake-off.
Click to enlargeTake-off.
Click to enlargeScreamin' Eagle (a Pisten Bully)
Click to enlargeAn IceCube detector at Destination Alpha.
Click to enlargeFuelies are the people who handle refuelling planes and anything else that needs it. They, naturally, exude fuel so they've put up a helpful sign in their area of one of the coat rooms.
Click to enlargeRobert and Phil lift the hatch off.
Click to enlargeLowering the crane.
Click to enlargeTwo firemen watch our operation.
Click to enlargePhil teeters on the edge.
Click to enlargeHoisting the forebaffle.
Click to enlargeOperation complete.
Click to enlargeOne last glimpse of natural light as the hatch is replaced.
Click to enlargeThis is what clouds look like.
Click to enlargeDarren swaps power supplies up in the receiver cabinet.
Click to enlargeChris winds back up a roll of tape.
Click to playLight entertainment in the lab.
Click to enlargeK1 closeout continues.
Click to enlargeDestination Alpha, with the US flag at half mast.

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(10573x2502, 34201.60 kb) A view of the outbuildings Grid South of the Elevated Station from the top of the snow pile near Destination Alpha. The edge of the Elevation Station is at extreme left. The next building on left, with all the garage doors is the cryogenics facility, one of the few out buildings kept open in winter. Behind it is the waste facility. Most of the Jamesways (the long, semi-circular tents) form Summer Camp, overflow housing in use during the summer. A lot of the rest of the stuff you can see are storage berms. The white radar domes can just be discerned against the whiteout conditions. To the right is the aircraft refuelling yard, and the passenger (PAX) terminal. At extreme right, on the other side of the fuel line, is the IceCube drill camp.

Click to enlargeA stack of Macs.
Click to enlargeWiring cables.
Click to enlargeWiring cables.
Click to enlargeWiring cables.
Click to enlargeFinal closeout.
Click to enlargeOld-school electronics in MAPO.
Click to enlargeGrant, John and Sarah attach the MCE crate to K1 for continuity testing.
Click to enlargeOur first official data acquisition. More clouds.
Click to enlargeOscar the half waveplate analog control box.
Click to enlargeZak gives us the thumbs-up.
Click toplayHeading back home after a long day of work.

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