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Click to enlargeDark Sector during whiteout.
Click to enlargeMAPO (The Martin A. Pomerantz Observatory) where Keck is being built. The wooden structure at left is a ground shield, which prevents light reflected off the ground from hitting the telescope. The keck telescope is inside the ground shield. Note the Bavarian and German flags, courtesy Robert, our winter-over.
Click to enlargeDSL (The Dark Sector Laboratory) which houses the South Pole Telescope (SPT) at left and BICEP2, Keck's predecessor, at right.
Click to enlargeJohn works on the focal plane in the clean room at DSL.
Click to enlargeJohn works on the focal plane in the clean room at DSL.
Click to enlargeThe SPT receiver cabinet.
Click to enlargeSPT's bearing housing. The bearing was recently replaced.
Click to enlargeThe SPT cable wrap, which allows the telescope to rotate in azimuth without tangling anything.
Click to enlargeA SPT's primary from the roof of DSL.
Click to enlargeSPT's primary mirror.
Click to enlargeLooking back at MAPO and Station from atop SPT.
Click to enlargeOn top of SPT.

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(7614x5127, 3868.67 kb) It's hard to take a picture of SPT's primary from such close quarters, so I did this instead.

Click to enlargeMy reflection in the SPT primary.
Click to enlargeAn SPT star camera.
Click to enlargeGroup shot in front of SPT. From left: Colin, Chin-Lin, Jamie, Grant, me.
Click to enlargeThe Ice Cube Lab, the third large building in the Dark Sector. The towers on either side of the building feed the cables from the strands into the counting room.
Click to enlargeUnder SPT.
Click to enlargeThe elevation drive housing.

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(10785x2398, 3511.30 kb) A view of the Dark Sector and the Station from atop SPT.

Click to enlargeIn the receiver cabinet.
Click to enlargeA very large battery.
Click to enlargeA very large battery.
Click to enlargeA glimpse of the sun.
Click to enlargeA valentine clad long drop.
Click to enlargeSnow on the side of MAPO, giving an idea of how much digging out is required in the spring.
Click to enlargeSatStat, probably the most visited webpage at pole. It tells us when satellites are overhead.

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