Picture Gallery for Sun 2006-08-13 05:42:11 UTC

Click to enlargeOh No! Oh My! A very dangerous sandwich!
Click to enlargeGaelen and Marie prepare the helium transfer tube crate for packing.
Click to enlargeSophia sorts bolts.
Click to enlargeChris Field's array of weaponry.
Click to enlargeMark fires Chris's rifle.
Click to enlargeSpectators at the shooting range.
Click to enlargeChris with the .22
Click to enlargeSue shoots the rifle.
Click toplaySue shoots the rifle.
Click to playMark tries the SKS.
Click to enlargeMark takes aim.
Click to enlargeMark poses with the SKS.
Click to enlargeMark tries the .45.
Click to enlargeChris firing the pistol.
Click to enlargeBarth takes a turn.
Click toplayMark lays down some suppressive fire.
Click to enlargeGaelen and nick removing the star cameras.
Click to enlarge"Modern art."
Click to enlargeNick finds a colourful bug.
Click to playIf you like watching paint dry, you'll love this: the actuators move up a millimetre.
Click to enlargeA small capacitor-related problem on one of the flight computers.

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