Picture Gallery for Sat 2006-07-29 15:29:43 UTC

Click to enlargeQuarters.
Click to enlargeSince it's right behind me, I've taken to playing freecell on the ROCC (a mind-bogglingly expensive computer bought by NASA used to interface with the SIP).
Click to enlargeEnzo and Luca work on optics.
Click to enlargeMatt prepares blue foam for sun shield panel creation.
Click to enlargeGaelen cuts mylar to length.
Click toplayMatt cuts a piece of blue foam with a razor blade.
Click to enlargeMy reflection in the mylar.
Click to enlargeLooking down at Matt.

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(7370x2261, 21662 kb) Gaelen and Marie cover blue foam panels with aluminised mylar to fabricate the sun shields. At left Marie's husband Adam works on (presumably) non-BLAST-related illustration.

Click to enlargeGaelen tapes the edges of the panels.
Click to enlargeAdam working in the highbay.
Click to enlargeAfter giving it up for lost, we eventually found the old ROx BIAS jumper, which Matt re-designated the backup...
Click to enlarge... which we should never use again.
Click to enlargeThe sun shields fully panelled.
Click to enlargeThe sun shields fully panelled.
Click to enlargeTwo CSBF electronics crates set up in the highbay. On the left the TURFTS (TDRSS User Radio Frequency Test Set) and on the right the ROCC (Remote Operations Control Computer).
Click to enlargeChocolate.
Click to enlargeA large number of warnings on the flight batteries.
Click to enlargeThe batteries mounted.
Click to enlargeA warning sign on the side of ARCADE.
Click to enlargeOne of the recovery stickers on ARCADE.
Click to enlargeMarie, Chris and Matt still making sun shield panels.
Click to enlargeChris's semi-automatic transmission.
Click to enlargeWarning: don't try to hug the gate.
Click to enlargeFender washers.

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