Picture Gallery for Fri 2006-07-28 01:49:18 UTC

Click to enlargeChris mounts an Iridium antenna.
Click to enlargeChris mounts an Iridium antenna.
Click to enlargeChris and Marie check out the cryo gloves. They're appropriately cryo-blue in colour.
Click to enlargeGaelen makes some corrections to McMaster-Carr's packing strategy.
Click to enlargeA wall of presidents and governors.
This just in! Greg writes:
The caption [should be] Painted under the gun. When flying BAM in 1995, I saw a group of inmates every morning for several weeks painting this under the watchful eye of a guard.

Chris, in turn, asks if the inmates got to choose which presidents and governors got to be on the wall.

Click to enlargeDo not molest.
Click to enlargeAdam's lunch box.
Click to enlargeNick loosens some bolts.
Click to enlargeBarth soldering connectors.
Click to enlargeMarie and Nick remove an elbow.
Click to enlargeDagoba.
Click to enlargeMarie with some blue foam.
Click to enlargeOne of the battery thermometers complete with cable.
Click to enlargeSunburst.
Click to enlargeDoor to another world.
Click to enlargeDoor to another world.
Click to enlargeThe groundstation computer: the harddisk has gone 46741 days without being checked (for those keeping count, that's about 127 years).
Click to enlargeMarie shows off the first completed panel.
Click to enlargeGaelen's aluminised mylar dispenser.
Click to enlargeOne of the LVDTs about to be shipped out.
Click to enlargeA pair of batteries awaiting mounting.
Click to enlargeTemporary tattoos of the BLAST pinup.
Click to enlargeGaelen shows off his tattoo.
Click to enlargeLambda, back from the OCC.
Click toplayNick shows off his tattoos.
Click to enlargeARCADE, back from recovery.

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