Picture Gallery for Sun 2006-07-09 04:55:10 UTC

Click to enlargeEnzo gives lessons in operation of the espresso maker.
Click to enlargeMarie shows off the fixed star camera.
Click to enlargeShim in a can.
Click to enlargeDanica repairs the outer frame.
Click to enlargeThe secondary mirror actuator system.
Click to enlargeThe flight batteries.
Click to enlargeA perfect parking space for the jitney.
Click to enlargeGaelen models the lanyard he got for Matt.
Click to enlargeWatching the 3rd place game of the World Cup.
Click to enlargeOrbiter Sim.
Click to enlargeMe dismantling a keyboard in an attempt to fix it.
Click to enlargeBarth and Gaelen mount the flywheel motor brushes.
Click to enlargeNick re-rivets the ACS mounting brace.
Click to enlargeEnzo assembles the flight computers.
Click to enlargeMy keyboard, after repair.
Click to playGaelen cleans the flywheel.
Click to enlargeMounting the inner frame.
Click to enlargeA mil-spec connector which shattered after an unfortunate interaction with the ceiling of the Toronto highbay.
Click to enlargeMatt arrives at the base.
Click toplayBarth hitches a ride back to the highbay.
Click to enlargePreparing to borrow some liquid nitrogen.
Click to playMatt connects the nitrogen transfer tube.
Click to enlargeIn Texas, nitrogen comes with bugs pre-added.
Click to enlargeCooling the dewar for transfer.
Click to playHuge plumes of fog, a result of the meeting of very cold liquid nitrogen and very humid Texan air.
Click to enlargeMarie makes sure the transfer tube remains where it should be.
Click to enlargeNitrogen bubbling in the dewar.
Click to enlargeMaire checks out the BLAST pin-up made by her husband, Adam Rex.
Click to enlargeKernel related badness while running MCP.
Click to enlargeMatt's strangely appropriate license plate.

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