Picture Gallery for Fri 2006-07-07 06:02:24 UTC

Click to enlargeSue, Josh and Barth.
Click to enlargeThe new CSBF logo. You may wish to compare it with the old NSBF logo.
Click to enlargeOn the base.
Click to enlargeFrank, Victor and Robin unload the truck.
Click to enlargeEnzo and Catia working in the highbay. Enzo is attempting to set up the router.
Click to enlargeEverything unloaded in the bay. Things of note include the ISC crate (black, left foreground), with the inner frame behind it, and the chin behind that, the outer frame on the right, with and large empty grey box behind it that we didn't want in Toronto any more, so we threw it on the truck.
Click to enlargeThe outer frame regains its legs.
Click to enlargeOld-timey Palestine.
Click to enlargeThe Fig Tree, where we had lunch.
Click to enlargeARCADE.
Click to enlargeThe ARCADE logo.
Click to enlargeAnother shot of ARCADE with Josh and Barth in the background.
Click to enlargeThe large thing on the left is the ARCADE dewar, basically a large bucket, which is filled with liquid helium. The rest of ARCADE (on the right) slides down into the dewar from the top.
Click to enlargeA very large O-ring on the top of the ARCADE dewar.
Click to enlargeThe top of the payload. The top of it can rotate, which is why things don't seem to match up.
Click to enlargeEnzo inspects the ARCADE dewar.
Click to enlargeThe inside of the dewar. As advertised, it really is just a big bucket.
Click to enlargeAnother shot of the top.
Click to enlargeA view down one of the large feed horns.
Click to enlargeA close up of the experiment. The cone like structures are the feed horns: different sizes for different wavelengths of radiation. The horns are all tilted thirty degrees from straight up (but they don't all point in the same direction, which is not a problem, since the whole telescope spins).
Click to enlargeARCADE's electronics backpack.
Click to enlargeAn important looking bit of plumbing in our bay.
Click to enlargeStage one of setting up the highbay: Barth's computer is up and running, and Enzo has both the DAS and the PV on the bench for checkout.
Click to enlargeDon't worry Matt: we've got you covered.
Click to enlargeApplebee's mailbox.
Click to enlargeThe rear end of the Toronto Jitney. Maybe that spoiler's creating too much drag that it's slowing us down.
Click to enlargeArwen opened up.
Click to enlargeEnzo reprograms Arwen's BIOS.
Click to enlargeBarth doing what Barth does a lot of: wading through kst emails.
Click to enlargeSIP Simulator (that's the laptop there) set up, with sneeze guard in place. The SIP Simulator forms the upper echelon of the telemetry nook.
Click to enlargeEnzo dismantles the ACS to replace a DC/DC converter in the power module.
Click to enlargeThe lower portions of the telemetry nook: Arwen, the bit sync and Galadriel, all ready to go.
Click to enlargeAnother important piece in the BLAST integration jigsaw puzzle, XMMSfoo, falls into place.
Click to enlargeEnzo soldering off the old DC/DC.
Click to enlargeEnzo prepares the PV for the World Cup final. (In case you couldn't guess, he'll be cheering for Italy.)

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