Picture Gallery for Thu 2006-07-06 01:47:21 UTC

Click to enlargeTake off from Pearson.
Click to enlargeExecuting a southward turn over Downsview.
Click to enlargeExecuting a southward turn over Downsview. Looking southwest along the Lake Ontario shoreline towards Oakville.
Click to enlargePlaying around with Air Canada's in-flight entertainment system. That's right: the Bee Gees and Daft Punk, together at last.
Click to enlargeMotoring down taxiway Golf at DFW.
Click to enlargeEnzo and Catia waiting for lunch at Jimmy John's.
Click to enlargeBest Web. Address. Ever. (Well, at least the best that's ever been given to me on a sandwich.) Think they might be joking? Oh, no, they're not: http://www.superhappyfunseal.com/.
Click to enlargeThe Toronto Jitney. If there was a reality show on television called "Is this thing on?" where contestants pitted their automobiles against one another to figure out who had the most underpowered car, we'd enter with this one, and probably come in, say, second.
Click to enlargePalestine.
Click to enlargeThe Ramada, where we stayed last time (as well as this time), is now a Quality Inn.
Click to enlargeMy room.
Click to enlargeA split level nest in a topiary tree at the hotel.
Click to enlargeThere's also a bird in the tree, as you might be able to see here.
Click to enlargeOr here.
Click to enlargeOr here.

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