Picture Gallery for Fri 2005-08-05 22:01:10 UTC

Click to enlargeMatt on the phone with Guillaume and Mark Halpern at UBC. When our Internet connection out of Esrange went down, they stepped in and took over commanding for us. Also note that the three Trolls which used to live on the table in front of Matt have been packed up. After we left line of sight, there wasn't much need for them. Ed is, of course, rescheduling observations in the background.
Click to enlargeMega Spred.
Click to enlargeBarth and Enzo watch as Marie tries to set up her laptop to use a dial up account which the Esrange network people gave us to try as a temporary solution until the network came back up.
Click to enlargeDavid and Ed slog away at observation rescheduling.
Click to enlargeBLAST's landing site on Victoria Island. According to the GPS, touchdown occurred at the point of the mouse cursor, although the error circle includes some of the nearby lakes. As it happens, BLAST managed to avoid getting wet.
Click to enlargeApproximate landing site marked with the file. We were hoping to land in the highlands to the northwest of our landing site, but at the last moment turned south unexpectedly.
Click to enlargeApproximate landing site marked with the file. At termination, Mark and Jeff, who were in Cambridge Bay, reported that it was pouring rain. Fortunately satellite photography indicated that the storm was only over the southeastern half of the island: BLAST had clear skies for descent.
Click to enlargeAnother, blurry satellite map of our landing site.
Click to enlargeMarie and I sort the tools. Both Toronto and Penn brought down a complete set of tools. After two months they had been fairly well mixed. The bigger ones were labeled, but things like screwdrivers and wrenches had to be sorted out from memory. This task fell to Marie and I since we had logged the most time using our respective tools.
Click to enlargeFinally! We get to leave. Ed waits at outside the Kiruna Airport with everyone's luggage while Marie and Gaelen drop off the car.

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