Picture Gallery for Thu 2005-06-02 04:32:10 UTC

Click to enlargeMatt and Marie work on the motorised valves which are installed on the top of the cryostat.
Click to enlargeBLAST with wings and chin again.
Click to enlargeA view of the primary with a flourescent light reflecting in it.
Click to enlargeUnderview of BLAST with mylar floor installed. In the background you can see the SIP.
Click to enlargeThe top side of the mylar floor. The crate labelled APCU is one of the two solar panel charge controllers (A.K.A. power conditioning units).
Click to enlargeEnzo disassembles the lock motor (again).
Click to enlargeEd on a ladder.
Click to enlargeRemounting the lock motor: in the end it was just a loose gear.
Click to enlargeBLAST awaiting the hang test.
Click to enlarge"Pant 50 ore". You can get a lot of pants in Sweden by returning empty beer cans.
Click to enlargeEarly morning snow flurry.
Click to enlargeEarly morning snow flurry.
Click to enlargeTwo empty nitrogen dewars and a helium dewar being stored outside.
Click to enlargeHercules with one of the helium tankers.

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