Picture Gallery for Sat 2005-05-28 15:15:50 UTC

Click to enlargeMedia day in the Cathedral. Ed gives an explanation on how the gondola works.
Click to enlargeBarth gets interviewed by Channel 4.
Click to enlargeThe various currencies which have currently taken up residency in my wallet. Clockwise from top left: Pounds sterling, Canadian Dollars, Swedish Kronor, U.S. Dollars, Euros (from Finland), and Norwegian Kroner.
Click to enlargeApproximately 3:15 AM, about an hour after the penultimate sunrise for the season.
Click to enlargeMarie listens for bubbles in the balance system.
Click to enlargeSpider.
Click to enlargeA strange contraption in one of the creeks that we cross on the way to Kiruna. There's a water powered turbine floating in the creek and held by the green line. As far as we can tell, the only thing the turbine does is pump water through the white hose where it gets disgorged onto the ground to the left so that it can flow back into the creek.
Click to playThe device in action.
Click to enlargeA smaller turbine on the other side of the road that's perhaps a bit more efficient: it squirts water directly into the creek and saves the water flowing back into the creek step.
Click to enlargeA close up of the turbine.
Click to enlargeAnother shot of it. The contraption has been here for a while now, and the ground has gotten fairly wet.
Click to enlarge"Caution: kayaking smurfs ahead!" A sign in central Kiruna.
Click to enlargeMarie checks to see how much liquid nitrogen is remaining in the helium tank.
Click to enlargeThis is what it looks like on the top of Radar Hill when it disappears from our landscape below at the balloon base.
Click to enlargeFlags on the Scandinavian ATC transponder which has been placed on BLAST. We're not quite sure how Bavaria made the cut.
Click to enlargeSticky Chess! A Velcro based chess set that Mark and Paul developed and have been marketing in their spare time.
Click to enlargeMr. Solar Ephemeris gives up the ghost as we move into 24 hour sunlight and it gets a bit stumped on calculating rise and set times. (Fortunately Mr. Lunar Ephemeris right above is doing fine.)
Click to enlargeA bigger, blurrier version of the same.
Click to enlargePaul films Ed talking about the telescope.
Click to enlargeA big hole cut for the primary mirror window.

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