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Click to enlargeLooking into the optics box from the window. In the centre is the square Mirror 3. Reflected in it is the round Lyot Stop (Mirror 4). There is a hole in the middle of the Lyot Stop for the calibrator lamp. The back of the lyot stop can be seen to the left of Mirror 3. The walls of the optics box have been painted with powdered carbon goop to stop reflections. At the bottom you can see some of the striped cables which carry the signals from the bolometers on a circuitous journey out of the cryostat to the Receiver.
Click to enlargeEnzo checks the reflections in the optics box with a diffuse light source.
Click to enlargeA rather overexposed image after reassembling the cryostat, looking through the windows in all the radiation shields down into the optics box.
Click to enlargeMark makes a window on which he can record the position of the optical elements to see if they change as the cryostat cools.
Click to enlargeMarie, Matt and Gaelen in the lounge.
Click to enlargeMatt and Enzo watch as Mark puts the finishing touches on the window.
Click to enlargeRadar Hill completely obscured by fog.
Click to enlargeDavid and Itziar disappear into the fog after dinner.
Click to enlargeEnzo, behind the window watching the cryostat cool. In the foreground is the nitrogen fill line
Click to enlargeLooking over Enzo's shoulder at the cryostat. You can see the red light which was installed in the optics box reflecting off Mirror 3 through the window.
Click to enlargeImpressive strain relief on a cable on the base.
Click to enlargeThe rocket facility.
Click to enlargeA Maxus Rocket.
Click to enlargeThe entrance to the explosives storage. You aren't apparently allowed to do anything inside it.
Click to enlargeThe river north of Esrange.
Click to playThe river north of Esrange.
Click to enlargeThe river north of Esrange. There is a fair bit of ice still floating in it.
Click to enlargeEd tries to fly.
Click to enlargeThe Faraday transmitter shack.
Click to enlargeMatt's expresses doubt at the seaworthiness of the Esrange rowboat.
Click to enlargeEvery good rocket range needs some field artillery.
Click to enlargeThe rocket facility, again.
Click to enlargeOne of the dust machines at work in the distance.
Click to enlargeA dust machine we found abandoned but still running, on the road.
Click to enlargeMark, Enzo, Peter, and Jeff working on the optical alignment.
Click to enlargeDusk an hour before midnight at the balloon base. Now the sun sets about ten minutes before midnight and rises again around 1:30.
Click to enlargeTracks in the sand.

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