Picture Gallery for Tue 2005-05-17 13:27:00 UTC

Click to enlargeGaelen, Jeff and Marie inspect the primary.
Click to enlargeGaelen, Jeff and Marie inspect the primary.
Click to enlargeEd does Science!
Click to enlargeMark straddles the star camera.
Click to enlargeBarth securing connectors on the ACS.
Click to enlargeOne solar panel ready for painting in the Chapel.
Click to enlargeSolar panels in the solar panel rack.
Click to enlargeGaelen screw in one of the attachment bolts for the wing.
Click to enlargeMark screws in the other wing bolt.
Click to enlargeA view of the secondary from inside the gondola.
Click to enlargeAssembling for our 10 am planning meeting... only seven and a half hours late.
Click to enlargeOne of the wings on the gondola.
Click to enlargeBLAST with wings.
Click to enlargeThe balloon facility.
Click to enlargeFrom the far side of the pad.
Click to enlargeSun shining over the mound of ploughed snow at the end of the pad.
Click to enlargeThe satellite tracking station at the base of radar hill. As far as we can tell, these dishes point into the hill.
Click to enlargeLooking east across the pad at the Swedish wilderness.
Click to enlargeOne of the fingers of the pad. At the end is the road up to radar hill.
Click to enlargeEsrange. Note the Swedish Space Corp (SSC) logo on the model rocket.
Click to enlargeLooking down the road at the gatehouse.
Click to enlargeThe road up to Radar Hill. The finger of the pad is the snowy part to the left.
Click to enlargeA statue in front of the main building.
Click to enlargeHotel Herbert.
Click to enlargeHotel Albert.
Click to enlargeThe road behind Hotel Albert.
Click to enlargeHotel Dagobert from the back.
Click to enlargeGaelen and Marie add another heat exchanger to the inner frame cooling system plumbing.
Click to enlargeMark signalling with a flashlight (the bright dot) from the top of Radar Hill.
Click to enlargeBLAST scans radar hill.
Click to enlargeBLAST scans radar hill.
Click to enlargeThe view of Mark on Radar Hill from the ISC. The dot in the centre of the cross-hairs is Mark's flashlight.
Click to enlargeThe same thing from the OSC, a better image. Mark is holding the flashlight up near his head. Jeff or David can be seen to the left. They are standing on the roof of the building, you can see the windows below them.
Click to playGaelen tries to get sufficient lift with the mirror cover to take off.
Click to enlargeEd looking especially doctorial.
Click to enlargeSnow again Tuesday. This is the road to the rocket range, with the gate which can be closed for a launch.
Click to enlargeNathan and Jim test the parachute and termination electronics.

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