Picture Gallery for Fri 2005-05-13 23:59:54 UTC

Click to enlargeSleet Thursday night.
Click to enlargeOur rooms are cleaned once a week, and each week the cleaning staff remove one towel from my room and replace it with two more. I'm up to six now.
Click to enlargeThe model rocket near Hotel Dilbert.
Click to enlargeOne of the motorised valves.
Click to enlargeThermometers awaiting installation on the inner frame.
Click to enlargeBLAST mostly outside for TDRSS tests.
Click to playHail.
Click to enlargeMark comes outside looking for a little ice.
Click to enlargeThe sun sensor catching a few last rays before the sun sets.
Click to enlargeRandom bathroom fixtures outside Hotel Dagobert. Presumably they're for the extension to Hotel Dilbert.
Click to enlargeThe cryostat sporting a large bandage.

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