Picture Gallery for Wed 2005-05-11 00:30:34 UTC

Click to enlargeJeff fixes a funnel.
Click to enlargeBLAST.
Click to enlargeBarth and Brian Stilwell watch the removal of the mirror cover.
Click to enlargeBLAST with the mirror cover removed.
Click to enlargeMark inspects the primary from a safe distance.
Click to enlargeMarie takes a look in the mirror.
Click to enlargeBLAST shows off its primary mirror. You can see the back of the secondary mirror with its characteristic triangle in front of the primary. The large circle reflected in the primary is a magnified view of the secondary mirror. Above that is an upside-down view of the first floor break room.
Click to enlargeBLAST. Marie shown for size.
Click to enlargeBLAST. Marie shown for size.
Click to enlargeBLAST. Marie shown for size.
Click to enlargeDon Bunt working in NSBF corner, which houses the workspace for the LDB and Electronics groups.
Click to enlargeCryo corner, uncharacteristically empty.
Click to enlargeBLAST with flight code corner to the right, where everyone seems to be hanging out. The fourth corner of the highbay, to the left of BLAST doesn't really have a name, but since the only one who ever uses it is Marie when she's disassembling the star cameras or working on the batteries, why don't we call it Marie's corner?
Click to enlargeThe secondary mirror structure reflected in the primary.
Click to enlargeThe secondary mirror structure reflected in the primary. The triangular spaces were the mount points for the original secondary mirror. When BLAST acquired the mirror a new, bore-mounted secondary structure was built. The lowest triangle has been filled with one of Marco's aluminum covered foam triangles to help hide the triangle from the detectors.
Click to enlargeCamera flash reflected in the secondary mirror structure. This is looking from behind the primary through the hole in the mirror at the secondary. Reflexions of the three triangular holes (one filled) can be clearly seen in the secondary.
Click to enlargeA second, blurrier, shot of the same thing. Note the pinkish tinge to the primary which is here reflected by the secondary mirror.
Click to enlargeThe helium tankers being inspected by the riggers.
Click to enlargeJeff inspects the receiver backplane.
Click to enlargeOne of the receiver cards.
Click to enlargeOne of the bias generator cards.
Click to enlargeMore snow. Radar Hill is disappearing again.
Click to enlargeMore snow. Radar Hill is disappearing again.
Click to enlargeGaelen handicaps himself while lining up a shot.
Click to enlargeSome of the liqueur left by the Maser collaboration. We're not sure where the flavour of broken cherry-kernels might be well-known.
Click to enlargeThe antenna outside Hotel Dagobert.
Click to enlargeTuesday noon. A radical change in the weather.
Click to enlargeWorking on Hercules.
Click to enlargeFifteen NSBF radios recharging.
Click to enlargeRadar Hill completely unobscured for the first time in a week or so.
Click to enlargeHercules from the front.
Click to enlargeFrom the starboard quarter. The launch vehicle looks very nice, and the NSBF crew appear to be pleased with it.
Click to enlargeThe front of the launch vehicle.
Click to enlargeOne of the sea crates reflected in a small lake which appeared overnight.
Click to enlargeHercules.
Click to enlargeMatt walks along the Cathedral's roof line.
Click to enlargeGaelen climbing down the ladder from the roof.
Click to enlargeHercules.
Click to enlargeThe video camera on the roof of the Cathedral (our highbay) comes equipped with a window wiper.
Click to enlargeRadar Hill and the pad from the roof of the Cathedral.
Click to enlargeThe Basilica.
Click to enlargeThe Chapel.
Click to enlargeThe model rocket located just inside the Esrange gate.
Click to enlargeThe rocket range. To give you an idea of how light it is at night, this picture was taken about an hour before midnight.
Click to enlargeOn the left with the large radar domes, is the Main Building. The low, long building to the right of it is Hotel Dagobert.
Click to playA panorama from the roof of the Cathedral. Uncharacteristically, this one comes with a commentary.
Click to enlargeBarth walking back to the highbay.
Click to enlargeGaelen takes a panorama of the highbay from the second floor.
Click to enlargeThe cable tray to the balloon base. This picture is from about two hours after midnight.

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