Picture Gallery for Wed 2005-05-04 21:05:12 UTC

Click to enlargeEd and David work on flight scheduling.
Click to enlargeBLAST patchwork sun shields.
Click to enlargeRadar Hill shrouded in fog.
Click to enlargeA notch cut in the roll damping flywheel cover to allow attaching of the sun shields.
Click to enlargeGaelen and Matt tie down the sun shield panels.
Click to enlargeWatching German football.
Click to enlargeMark carves the roast.
Click to enlargeMarie re-glued the GPS antenna plate once again, after it got bumped.
Click to enlargePreparing to lift a air freight container full of ballast to test out the launch vehicle.
Click to enlargeTesting the launch vehicle.
Click to enlargeThe riggers prepare to install the SIP.
Click to enlargeChris gives the riggers some last minute instructions before the SIP is installed.
Click to enlargeInstalling the SIP.
Click to enlargeMark and Jeff start another helium transfer.
Click to enlargeJeff's collection of socket adapters.
Click to enlargeMarie and Marco create an RF shield around the primary with copious amounts of Mylar and conductive tape.
Click to enlargeLooking southeast across the launch pad after dinner.
Click to enlargeLooking south across the launch pad after dinner.
Click to enlargeRadar hill still enshrouded in fog.
Click to enlargeLooking southwest across the launch pad after dinner.
Click to enlargeGaelen watches during another helium transfer.

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