Picture Gallery for Sun 2005-05-01 19:52:03 UTC

Click to enlargeMarie routes GPS cables.
Click to playJaspaul demonstrates the newest dremel attachment: a piece of white duct tape.
Click to enlargeMark creating a Mylar shield around the mirror.
Click to enlargeThe back of the ACS, showing a few loose cables hanging out. Also one of the boards appears to be out of its rails (which is something like 3 boards fewer than normal).
Click to enlargeOne of these things doesn't belong.
Click toplayMesmerising...
Click to enlargeMarco climbs the gondola to work on the mirror.
Click to enlargeMark, Jeff and Marco discuss options for protecting the mirror until flight.
Click to enlargeThe chin denuded of its old Mylar.
Click to enlargeMarie and Gaelen measure out a mirror protector.
Click to enlargeSomeone took the liberty to correct Marie's Swiss army knife.
Click to enlargeAn edge-on view of the mirror. The shiny part on top right is the scoop. To the bottom left is one of the aluminum box beams which make up the inner frame. Along this runs a copper pipe that's used for the fluid balance system. The curved part between these is the back surface of the mirror. From this, a couple of struts extend to the triangular mounting plate which secures the mirror to the inner frame.
Click to enlargeMark and Jeff leak check the leak checker?
Click to enlargeThe fake sun illuminating the sun sensor (and a good portion of the pressure vessel).
Click to enlargeDinner: Ed's heart-stopping cream/oil/bacon pasta.
Click to enlargeGaelen sweeps up a bit after dinner.

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