Picture Gallery for Sun 2005-05-01 08:08:27 UTC

Click to enlargeA recently discovered KST bug: KST is very boring. All the plots either go from the top left to the bottom right or the bottom left to the top right.
Click to enlargeResumption of count-down.
Click to enlargeThe BLAST Kiruna 2005 team on the top of Radar Hill. From left: David Hughes (INAOE), Gaelen Marsden (UBC), Greg Tucker, (Brown), Enzo Pascale (Toronto), Catia Moscano (Toronto), Mark Devlin (UPenn), Barth Netterfield (Toronto), Don Wiebe (Toronto), Matt Truch (Brown), Marco Viero (Toronto), Jaspaul Chung (Toronto/UBC), Jeff Klein (UPenn), Chris Field (NSBF), Marie Rex (UPenn), Nathan Wise (NSBF). Not present: Ed Chapin (UPenn).
Click to enlargeThe view of the balloon area left and the rocket launch pad to the right and behind. As far as we can tell, the Radar Hill was expressly placed where it was to afford a good view for both rocket and balloon launches.
Click to enlargeNathan, Gaelen, Jaspaul and Chris waiting for launch.
Click to enlargeThe cable tray descending the hill.
Click to enlargeA view of Sweden.
Click to enlargeSpectators assembling for the launch.
Click to enlargeSwedish space scientists are modest...
Click to enlargeVery modest.
Click to enlargeA few of the radar dishes on Radar Hill.

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