Picture Gallery for Sun 2005-05-01 06:23:44 UTC

Click to enlargeWarming up the cryostat, again.
Click to enlargeMarie remounts one of the star cameras.
Click to enlargeReattaching the flight cables to the gondola.
Click to enlargeMatt, Marco and Chris inspect the newest coat of paint on the sun shields.
Click to enlargeEnzo inspects the broken lock motor.
Click to enlargeA crowd gathers to welcome David to Esrange.
Click to enlargeMarco and Gaelen mount the foam panels on the sun shields.
Click to enlargeMarco notches one of the panels to make it fit around the solar panel hardware.
Click to enlargeMarie watches and Matt cleans out the old indium seal.
Click to enlargeMark and Matt prepare to replace the indium seal.
Click to enlargeA kst plot on the back of one of the foam sheets?
Click to enlargeInside the BLAST fort.
Click to enlargeInside the BLAST fort.
Click to enlargeEnzo takes care of some marinated reindeer.
Click to enlargeDavid's contribution to the BLAST victuals.
Click to enlargePre-countdown.
Click to enlargePreparing the Walpurgis night fire.
Click to enlargeThe fire just lit.
Click to enlargeSo that's why they want to burn this couch: it's past it's expiry date (87/02/04)
Click to enlargeThe fire going well.
Click to enlargeA sign near the entrance to the BLAST fort post the rules.
Click to enlargeGrafitto tagging inside the BLAST fort by an unidentified perpetrator.
Click to enlargeCount-down: 1:17:48 until launch.

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