Picture Gallery for Sat 2005-04-30 20:56:58 UTC

Click to enlargeMe with some random paper.
Click to enlargeThe NSBF ground station equipment: two ROCCs (Remote Operations Control Computers) and one TDRSS Simulator.
Click to enlargeMore NSBF-approved white duct tape, courtesy NSBF.
Click to enlargeEnzo and Ed put some aluminised Mylar on a window to keep out some sun.
Click to enlargeChris documents his trip.
Click to enlargePreparing to open the cryostat again.
Click to enlargeMark was right. Matt was wrong.
Click to enlargeAlmost open: only one more radiation shield left.
Click to enlargeBarth's birthday!
Click to enlargePreparations for the Walpurgis Night bonfire tomorrow night.
Click to enlargeA new suite of background images for the three Trolls.
Click to enlargeReassembling the cryostat.
Click toplayEd tries to escape from flight code corner.
Click to enlargeTop hat ready to go on.
Click toplayLowering the top hat into place.
Click toplayLowering the top hat into place.

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