Picture Gallery for Fri 2005-04-29 15:38:44 UTC

Click to enlargeGaelen takes a picture of lunch.
Click to enlargeChris and Nathan, the LDB guys, check out the SIP.
Click to enlargeMarie inspects the ration of Tasty Cakes shipped to her by Adam, part of their year's supply.
Click to enlargeMonkey Bar.
Click to enlargeMark warms up the helium transfer line.
Click to enlargeSampling the Tasty Cakes.
Click to playHelium boil off.
Click to enlargeThe lens of the Star Camera, a 200 mm Nikon.
Click to enlargeJaspaul got a little distracted whilst taping yesterday...
Click to enlargeGaelen paints the science stack.
Click to enlargeThe SIP (Support Instrumentation Package).
Click to enlargeThe SIP from the other side.
Click to enlargeThe SIP.
Click to enlargeThe SIP.
Click to enlargeWarming up the cryostat.
Click to enlargeElephant toilet paper.
Click to enlargeThe dewar warmer in need of a bit of work. Matt found it in the rolling cart that was behind the other rolling cart, underneath the flywheel box, in one of the sea crates.
Click to enlargeGaelen climbs up to the crowsnest.
Click to enlargeGaelen surveys the highbay.
Click to enlargeMatt desiccates the dewar warmer's desiccant.
Click to enlargeThe BLAST corridor in Hotel Dagobert.
Click to enlargeOur pantry table.
Click to enlargeOur pasta shelf.
Click to enlargeOur bread table.
Click to enlargeOur primary refrigerator.
Click to enlargeOur back-up refrigerator.
Click to enlargeA picture of snow and trees. This is the view from the north facing windows of Hotel Dagobert. (The south facing windows overlook the parking lot.)

And, I know it's irregular, but here's a submission from Jaspaul:
JeffJeff tries to impersonate the Spirit of Ecstasy (the Rolls Royce hood ornament).

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