Picture Gallery for Fri 2005-04-29 13:07:46 UTC

Click to enlargeThe top of the sun shields painted.
Click to enlargeMark, Matt and Marie talk to Thomas, our Esrange liaison.
Click to enlargeEd.
Click to enlargeOne of the ADC cards. This one happens to be the cryo control card.
Click to enlargeEnzo changes a surface mount resistor on one of the cards.
Click to enlargeAnother view of the ADC card, showing the three front panel output jacks: the analogue jack (50 pin), the digital jack (37 pin) and the auxiliary jack (9 pin).
Click to enlargeThe back of the mirror sporting a piece of aluminised Mylar to deflect radiation.
Click to enlargeThe DAS emptied of its ADC cards.
Click to enlargeGaelen and Marie in their office.
Click to enlargeThe "Main Building" at Esrange.
Click to enlargeLegacies of past campaigns on the door of my wardrobe.

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