Picture Gallery for Wed 2005-04-27 20:33:57 UTC

Click to enlargeTesting the sun sensor.
Click to enlargeTesting the sun sensor.
Click to enlargeWarning: Your car must have at least four wheels to go down this street.
Click to enlargePetrified doves.
Click to enlargeBrio! Even pirates have trains now?
Click to enlargeThe Kiruna mine.
Click to playThe Kiruna mine.
Click to enlargeKiruna.
Click to enlargeMarie shows off her new line of biscuits.
Click to enlargeA truck with a funny face.
Click to enlargeJaspaul and Gaelen attach the GPS antenna pucks to the struts.
Click to enlargeThe GPS antennas mounted to the top of the sun shields (which happens to be lying down in this picture.)
Click to enlargeGrilling dinner.
Click to enlargeMark shows off his grill packing skills.
Click to enlargeFruit with a death wish.
Click to enlargeMark lights his pipe.

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