Picture Gallery for Fri 2005-04-22 14:07:25 UTC

Click to enlargeGreg and Jaspaul assist Marie with inspecting the ISC.
Click to enlargeEnzo, Marco and Matt debug some problems with the tilt sensors.
Click to enlargeJaspaul, Gaelen and Greg assembling the sun shields.
Click to enlargeThe sun shields assembled. Remaining to be done is the pivot shelf which is lying on the floor.
Click to enlargeEnzo uncables the ACS.
Click to enlargeAmerican muffins.
Click to enlargeThe Omni-BOB (the guts of the ACS) on the bench for modification, again.
Click to enlargeWhile repairing the sun shield panels, Gaelen stumbles across evidence of the original makers.
Click to enlargeAt dinner, courtesy of Enzo and Marco.

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