Picture Gallery for Mon 2003-11-10 12:54:05 UTC

Click to enlargeThe high bay after termination. Look how relieved everyone looks.
Click to enlargeStarting to pack up.
Click to enlargeEnzo, Jeff and Itziar at work on Tuesday.
Click to enlargeEd puts together the gondola cradle.
Click to enlargeBarth's todo list is now half done.
Click to enlargeDavid performs aerodynamics tests with a new design.
Click to enlargeThe gondola cradle, in addition to holding BLAST, can also be used as a handy coffee table.
Click to enlargeWaiting around to welcome BLAST back.
Click to enlargeBLAST returns Tuesday night.
Click to enlargeBacking BLAST into the high-bay.
Click to enlargeFreeing the tarp.
Click to enlargeEnzo checks to make sure the recovery team picked up the right gondola.
Click to enlargeBLAST back in the high bay.
Click to enlargeGetting the parachute out of the way.
Click to enlargeGetting the parachute out of the way.
Click to enlargeRemoving the tarp.
Click to enlargeBLAST looking not bad after its run-in with New Mexico. We're preparing to lift it off the trailer.
Click to enlargeRandom bits of BLAST in the bucket truck.
Click to enlargeGetting ready to lift the telescope.
Click to enlargeThe cryostat in torpedo mode -- it didn't seem to mind termination and landing much.
Click to enlargePostflight BLAST.
Click to enlargePostflight BLAST.
Click to enlargeEnzo removes the pressure vessel.
Click to enlargeBLAST flies again (albeit lower).
Click to enlargeThe Pressure Vessel waiting to divulge its secrets.
Click to enlargeBLAST on the UBC gondola cradle.
Click to enlargeFrodo and Sam post flight. Sam's SBC popped out of the backplane on chute shock, as did several other boards on both computers.
Click to enlargeDitto.
Click to enlargeBLAST with primary removed.
Click to enlargeRemoving the cryostat.
Click to enlargeVenting the cryostat.
Click to enlargeVenting the cryostat.
Click to enlargeTraffic tieups on the road to Albuquerque.
Click to enlargeMany vehicles decided to turn around and try an alternate route.
Click to enlargeWe had a lot of trouble getting a truck to ship the cryostat and receiver up to Penn -- all the trucks were full of pumpkins. Here's a case in point.
Click to enlargeThe traffic was backed up for about two miles.
Click to enlargeHaving nothing better to do, I walked down the line to try and find the cause of the hold up.
Click to enlargeAfter about two miles of walking I found this. Aparently there was a multi-car pile-up. About a quarter mile past this bridge one lane of the highway is closed due to construction. Presumably the accident was caused by some incautious merging.

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