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Click to enlargeBurning garbage. In Fort Sumner, this is one option for waste disposal. The other is carting it to the dump.
Click to enlargeFt. Sumner; home of the Foxes and Vixens (the high-school sports teams).
Click to enlargeThe high school gymnasium.
Click to enlargeFort Sumner Mennonite Mission. They appear to be converting a house into a church.
Click to enlargeDariland.
Click to enlargeFarmyard animals near the train line.
Click to enlargeFarmyard animals.
Click to enlargeThere's a little balloon in this picture.
Click to enlargeA Brown-eyed Susan.
Click to enlargeThe Fort Sumner Cemetery.
Click to enlargeThe Fort Sumner Cemetery.
Click to enlargeLaunch of the JPL experiment OMS in Situ.
Click to enlargeLaunch of the JPL experiment OMS in Situ.
Click toplayLaunch of the JPL experiment OMS in Situ.
Click to enlargeLaunch of the JPL experiment OMS in Situ.
Click to enlargeIs space intentionally left blank?
Click to enlargeA scan of Polaris over the NCP. The Best Scan Ever.
Click to enlargeMarie does an impressive job of cable tying.
Click to enlargeThe windmills.
Click to enlargeDanger. Construction Area. No Trespassing. New Mexico Wind Energy Center.
Click to enlargeFortunately we can't read.
Click to enlargeThe windmills look reasonably close, until you notice the wooden power poles next to them.
Click to enlargeTrekking off to the windmills.
Click to enlargeThe windmills are getting bigger ... maybe. The power poles remain the same size.
Click to playMarie heading towards the windmills.
Click to enlargeSetting sun.
Click to enlargeThe power poles look a bit bigger. Note that the little power poles are actually in front of the windmills.
Click to enlargeRattlesnake.
Click to enlargeSunset.
Click to enlargeWindmills.
Click to enlargeGetting dark as we leave. You can sort of see Gaelen (dark) and Matt (light). Also note the red lights on the windmills; inexplicably some blink, others do not. (Although from Fort Sumner they all seem to blink since we see them through the blades of the windmills.
Click to enlargeWindmills retreating.
Click to enlargeMarie and Gaelen in the wind.
Click to enlargeHeading back to the car.
Click to enlargeBack at the car.
Click to enlargeSecurity at the windmills consists of a chain on a hook. There's also a padlock on the end of the chain, but it appears to be there only to add weight, seeing as how it doesn't actually secure anything.
Click to enlargeFortunately we remembered where we parked the car: at the corner of QR 33 and QR BJ.
Click to enlargeAttempting to get a picture of moonrise.

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