Picture Gallery for Mon 2003-09-08 01:05:24 UTC

Click to enlargeThe new mini-Baffle.
Click to enlargeJosh and Blazej work on the gondola.
Click to enlargeEnzo and Matt inspect the bit sync.
Click to enlargeStopped by not one, but two trains.
Click to enlargeEd and Matt waiting for the train(s).
Click to enlargeAnother view of the mini-Baffle.
Click to enlargeMatt and Gaelen.
Click to enlargeHelium fill.
Click to enlargeTilting the inner frame.
Click to enlargeBLAST's crush pads.
Click to enlargeChecking on cryostat health.
Click to enlargeProblems. Taconis Oscillations in the cryostat.
Click to enlargeEd cracks and takes his chair on a joyride.
Click to enlargePalantir projected onto a sheet.
Click to enlargePalantir projected onto a sheet.
Click to enlargePointing tests.
Click to enlargeI took some long (15 second) integrations with my camera. This is looking roughly southeast at an elevation of 25 degrees, around 5 am. Orion is at the top, Canis Major is below. The bright star below Orion is Sirius (Alpha Canis Majoris).
Click to enlargeAlso looking southeast, but now at 60 degrees. Orion is now at the bottom. Above Orion is Taurus; the bright star is Aldebaran. The cluster of stars near the top is the Pleiades.
Click to enlargeThis is a field looking vaguely southwest, though I haven't been able to identify it yet.
Click to enlargeLooking north by northwest at 50 degrees altitude. Cassiopeia is in the top left. Below Cassiopeia is Cephus. Polaris is the bright star in the lower right.
Click to enlargeLooking up at zenith. The Pleiades again are present centre top. Top left is Aries, Bottom centre is Perseus.
Click to enlargeDawn.
Click to enlargeMatt venting helium.
Click to enlargeMatt looking sad.
Click to enlargeVenting.
Click to enlargeBarth working on pointing code in the wee hours of the morning.
Click to enlargeThe JPL hut.

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