Picture Gallery for Tue 2003-09-02 00:28:48 UTC

Click to enlargeJeff and Enzo checking the wiring of the cryostat.
Click to enlargeMarie and Adam.
Click to enlargeMark attaches the last of the sun shield panels.
Click to enlargeMarie finishes mylarising the scoop.
Click to enlargeEnzo and Matt put the radiation shields back on the cryostat.
Click to enlargeGaelen tapping holes for the gondola thermometry.
Click to enlargeOne of the top hats, now affixed to the inner frame with bolts. The elevation drive (black) has been remounted.
Click to enlargeLowering the scoop onto the inner frame.
Click to enlargeAffixing the scoop.
Click to enlargeMounting the inner frame back on the gondola.
Click to enlargeA large beetle that Adam found with a quarter.
Click to enlargeMatt and Gaelen fork random, unneeded odds and ends out of the high bay and into storage to make room for the Japanese experiment.
Click to enlargeThe Brown house living room. Note the remarkably large lamp.

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