Picture Gallery for Sun 2003-08-31 19:56:04 UTC

Click to enlargeMarie secures the edges of the mylar on the scoop with aluminum tape.
Click to enlargeJeff and Phil do an RF test with a fake bolometer on the end of a two by three.
Click to enlargeMark cuts out a new hole for the top hat.
Click to enlargeEnzo opens up the optics box.
Click to enlargeMarie showing off her mod togs.
Click to enlargePreparing to paint.
Click to enlargePhil inspects the surface of the primary after Turtle Waxing it.
Click to enlargeThe Master Control Computers out of the PV and on the bench for work.
Click to enlargeMarie painting the inside of the scoop white.
Click to enlargePhil polishing the mirror.
Click to enlargeChecking alignment for the top hats.
Click to enlargeDrilling holes for the top hats.
Click to enlargePhil and Enzo working on the cold optics.
Click to enlargeGaelen degreases the elevation bearing so that he can regrease it later.
Click to enlargeThey're still at it.
Click to enlargeRob Salter from NSBF and Matt try and figure out why the network connection is dead.
Click to enlargeMe dremelling off some bolt ends.
Click to enlargeThe holes for the top hats drilled.
Click to enlargeThe bearing top-hat ready to go back on the inner frame. The fan at the bottom is the lock motor plate. One of the holes has been oversized to help us balance the frame while it is locked.
Click to enlargeMirror cleaning supplies.
Click to enlargeGaelen tries to fit eleven people around the table for dinner. Cosy.
Click to enlargeMatt dremelling the front plates of the receiver to help them conduct.
Click to enlargeMarie and Matt paint the struts of the secondary.
Click to enlargeMarie and Matt paint the struts of the secondary.

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