Picture Gallery for Sun 2003-08-24 03:10:54 UTC

Click to enlargeMark attaches the GPS antennas to the outer frame.
Click to enlargeMarie considers placement options for the flight batteries.
Click to enlargeThe side of the SIP. Notice the tiny computer at left.
Click to enlargeMatt working on the mechanics of the motorised valves.
Click to enlargeMark waves for the camera while mounting the GPS antennas.
Click to enlargeThe Wall of Notable Characters.
Click to enlargeAt "Dariland". Note that "Dairy" is spelled wrong.
Click to enlargeAt first blush it looked like a gas can full of liquid nitrogen in a blue foam and white duct tape box. After investigation it turned out to be, well, exactly that...
Click to enlargeMark and Jeff cut foam for the sun shields.
Click to enlargeJennifer pitches in cutting the blue foam.
Click to enlargeCovering the cut blue foam with aluminised mylar.
Click to enlargeSelf portrait.
Click to enlargeMatt inspecting the mylarising.
Click to enlargeMark measures more foam.
Click to enlargeDavid sawing pieces of PVC tubing for cable braces.

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