Picture Gallery for Thu 2003-08-21 23:59:59 UTC

Click to enlargeBarth interrupts Mark preparing to do a helium top-up.
Click to enlargeJaspaul and Marie looking at the new balance system check valve.
Click to enlargeEnzo inspects the launch vehicle.
Click to enlargeA memento from dinner in Santa Fe.
Click to enlargeDavid behind his tower of boxes.
Click to enlargeRemoving the sun shields.
Click to enlargeThe sun shields being lifted off.
Click to enlargeLooking up at the ISC baffle as the sun shields are carefully lifted off.
Click to enlargeThe sun shields on the ground. The sun shields were lifted using the pivot and cables.
Click to enlargeThe gondola looking somewhat smaller without the sun shields. The pivot cables are being put back on the gondola.
Click to enlargeTrying to launch a balloon.

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