Picture Gallery for Thu 2003-08-21 22:22:09 UTC

Click to enlargeMarie and Ed fill the cooling system with fluid.
Click to enlargeBarth, Enzo and Jeff looking at, um, something.
Click to enlargeMarie and David check out the clearance of the inner frame pumps.
Click to enlargeGaelen makes an electronics box for the video transmitters.
Click to enlargeEnzo works on the DAS electronics.
Click to enlargeEd, Matt and Marie at the Penn House for lunch.
Click to enlargeThe SIP is installed on the gondola.
Click to enlargeMarie unmounts the lock motor.
Click to enlargeThe SIP from the side.
Click to enlargeCold testing the lock motor in dry ice.
Click to enlargeMatt works on motorised valve commanding.
Click to enlargeMatt works on motorised valve commanding.
Click to enlargeMatt, Jaspaul and Marie balancing the inner frame.
Click to enlargeDavid builds boxes out of blue foam to insulate the pumps.
Click to enlargeMatt and Josh taped a sign on the floor so that people looking at the video feed would know what experiment we're working on.
Click to enlargeMarie and Jaspaul continue to work on the balance.
Click to enlargeJaspaul holds the inner frame during balancing.
Click to enlargeMeasuring the imbalance of the frame.
Click to enlargeMarie supervises balancing of the inner frame, while those of us in Flight Code Corner do, um, stuff.
Click to enlargeTaking a break.
Click to enlargeDavid covers the foam boxes in white duct tape.
Click to enlargeEnzo working on code.
Click to enlargeThe BLAST gondola.
Click to enlargeBarth and Ed discuss pointing solutions.
Click to enlargeGaelen looking cool.
Click to enlargeA finite quantity of wine.

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