Picture Gallery for Mon 2003-08-18 19:59:50 UTC

Click to enlargeGaelen manually chops the telescope with a dewar of nitrogen.
Click to enlargeMatt modifies the motorised valve cable.
Click to enlargeMarie leak checking the cooling system.
Click to enlargeThe meeting breaks up.
Click to enlargeLooking down on the basketball court from the high bay.
Click to enlargeLooking southeast towards the Pi Frame and the runways.
Click to enlargeIn addition to providing light, the floodlights also serve as a handy accumulator of free protein.
Click to enlargeMatt turns around the shrine.
Click to enlargeEnzo posing with a friend.
Click to enlargeGreg and Mark contemplate the tasks needed to close out the ACS.
Click to enlargeJaspaul modifies the PV Break out box.
Click to enlargeGreg finishing up the APM.
Click to enlargeMatt and Gaelen repair cables.
Click to enlargeThe to-do list.
Click to enlargeThe inside of the remade APM.
Click to enlargeEd filling pie.txt. Note the vodka tonic. There was no ice, so Ed thought adding more vodka would solve the problem...
Click to enlargepie.txt finished! A masterpiece.

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