Picture Gallery for Sun 2003-08-17 23:31:10 UTC

Click to enlargeBarth shares an entertaining story.
Click to enlargeGreg and Enzo at work.
Click to enlargeGaelen working on IDL.
Click to enlargeJeff expounds on some obscure topic.
Click to enlargeMark measures a funnel.
Click to enlargeJeff inspecting the alignment telescope.
Click to enlargeMarie plumbs.
Click to enlargeLunch in the high bay.
Click to enlargeMarie continues to work with copper tubing...
Click to enlarge...apparently trying to make some modern art.
Click to enlargeDavid at work, while Barth and Enzo discuss filtering.
Click to enlargeGaelen takes a picture of the roll flywheel motor.
Click to enlargeGaelen shows off his balancing skills with a large drill bit, the roll flywheel, a football, and a roll of packing foam.
Click to enlargeBarth, Jeff and Jaspaul in the break room.
Click to enlargeThe SIP simulator's new home on the gondola.
Click to enlargeBarth and Gaelen inspect the roll flywheel.
Click to enlargeMatt applies heat liberally.
Click to enlargeThe basketball hoop in a sorry state after a windy day knocked it over.
Click to enlargeHanging the gondola.
Click to enlargeA beam map target.
Click to enlargeMatt prepares to catch the inner frame.
Click to enlargeGaelen takes a sip of nitrogen.
Click to enlargeTaking a break for a moment.
Click to enlargeBarth is in the zone, debugging the in flight pointing solution.

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