Picture Gallery for Thu 2003-08-14 23:59:59

Click to enlargeDavid and Ed inspect the gondola.
Click to enlargeEnzo filling a dewar with nitrogen.
Click to enlargeSteam plume.
Click to enlargeMmmm... triangular.
Click to enlargeThe SIPs arrive with the NSBF guys.
Click to enlargeOne of the SIPs.
Click to enlargeBuying cheese.
Click to enlargeA view of Clovis, NM.
Click to enlargeWalMart!
Click to enlargeSo many groceries...
Click to enlargeWe contemplated buying the Spongebob Squarepants pinata for Gaelen, but decided against it after realising it would leave less room in the car for food on the way back.
Click to enlargeEd and David recover after driving back from Clovis.
Click to enlargeMark removes the plastic from the front of the Star Camera baffle.
Click to enlargeGetting ready to point out the door.
Click to enlargeDriving the gondola.
Click to enlargeTaking pictures in the dark.
Click to enlargeThe gondola silhouetted in the door.
Click to enlargeTrying to capture stars with the star camera.
Click to enlargeThe gondola in the high-bay without the lights on.
Click to enlargeThe gondola in the high-bay without the lights on.
Click to enlargeEd testing the Star Camera.
Click to enlargeCovering the baffle again after the camera test.
Click to enlargeA grasshopper with good taste in headgear.
Click to enlargeThe grasshopper decides to leave.

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