Picture Gallery for Mon 2003-08-11 17:27:18 UTC

Click to enlargeMark and Jeff remove the nitrogen from the cryostat.
Click to enlargeMark with a dewar of nitrogen.
Click to enlargeThe Receiver cables chilled from nitrogen spillage.
Click to enlargeMark tries to keep cool.
Click to enlargeGaelen cleans house.
Click to enlargeLowering the pivot.
Click to enlargeThe chopper.
Click to enlargeMark and Marie inspect the ACS.
Click to enlargeThe PV returns from its harrowing journey.
Click to enlargeAttaching the pivot clinometer cable.
Click to enlargeTransferring the pivot from one crane to the other.
Click to enlargeGaelen works with IDL.
Click to enlargeStill routing that clinometer cable.
Click to enlargeReattaching the cables to the outer frame.
Click to enlargeJennifer and the kids arrive from Philadelphia.
Click to enlargeThe gondola turned around to look out the door.
Click to enlargeJeff consults the Magic Passive Roll Damper Ball Bearing. "Will the test flight be successful?"
Click to enlargeThe wind sock performing well in the breeze.
Click to enlargeA close up of one of the runways.
Click to enlargeRunway 3.
Click to enlargeRunway 21.
Click to enlargeMatt and Marie cycle out to the runway.
Click to enlargeLooking for the elusive third runway.
Click to enlargeMatt and Marie try to take off.
Click to enlargeMatt takes aim.
Click toplayMatt tries to run me down, but misses.
Click to enlargeRoad sign.
Click to enlargeThe high bay and hangar from the runway.
Click to enlargeSunburst.
Click to enlargeMatt checking out the Pi Frame.
Click to enlargeNASA certification.
Click to playAnts!
Click to enlargeA busy ant hill.
Click to enlargeA big ant hill? The ant loading dock?
Click to enlargeSun in the clouds.
Click to enlargeThe ACS assembled.
Click to enlargeMark flagrantly violates ladder safety procedures.
Click to enlargeMarie starts to cable the ACS after it is mounted on the gondola.
Click to enlargeMarie and Chris put the mirror cover on while I look on.
Click to enlargeEnzo, Jaspaul, Mark and Mark check on the GPS calibration.
Click to enlargeMark calibrating the GPS.
Click to enlargeThe ACS and PV now mounted on the outer frame.
Click to enlargeChris soldering a cable.
Click to enlargeJeff taunting Fluffy, the chilopod.
Click to enlargeA close up of Fluffy.
Click to enlargeThree professors put the dewar warmer on the cryostat.
Click to enlargeThree students check the ISC feed. "Damn! Why doesn't it work?"
Click to enlargeMarie and Chris climb the gondola to further investigate the ISC.
Click to enlargeA large beetle comes calling.

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