Picture Gallery for Sun 2003-08-10 04:44:21 UTC

Click to enlargeBaking stycast.
Click to enlargeThe gondola is starting to look like a bona fide instrument.
Click to enlargeLab meeting.
Click to enlargeTrying to balance the inner frame.
Click to enlargeIs it balanced?
Click to enlargeMark ostracises himself.
Click to enlargeDave and Ed in their new digs.
Click to enlargeMarie and Chris contemplate the fluid balance system.
Click to enlargeThe Data Acquisition System taking data on the inner frame.
Click to enlargeA lead brick is added to the GPS to prevent it from sailing away in the wind.
Click to enlargeThe north side of the high bay.
Click to enlargeBarth packs the PV in preparation of taking it on the road.
Click to enlargeBarth and Matt go trucking with the PV.
Click to enlargeSetting up the PV and GPS.
Click to enlargeJaspaul and Chris mount the passive roll damper.
Click to enlargeTrying to calibrate the GPS.
Click to enlargeMmm... Royal Crown Cola.
Click to enlargeThe passive roll damper from above. Note the giant ball bearing inside.
Click to enlargeA wider shot showing its mounting on the outer frame.
Click to enlargeBoo. SGR devolves into Safe Mode.
Click to enlargeBarth checks on the progress of GPS calibration.
Click to enlargeMatt helps Enzo (not shown) make twisted pairs for cables.
Click to enlargeHoisting the pivot in preparation for hanging the gondola.
Click to enlargeGaelen cables the pivot.
Click to enlargeEnzo and Matt continue making cables.
Click to enlargeMarie and Chris route copper tube for the fluid balance system.
Click to enlargeThe pivot hanging awaiting attachment to the gondola.
Click to playSpinning the flywheel to check the encoder positioning.
Click to enlargeThe reaction flywheel encoder mounted underneath the flywheel.
Click to enlargeA view of the flywheel encoder (now cover by a grey plastic dust cover) and the flywheel motor controller box.
Click to enlargeBarth gets Josh to help him take the GPS and PV on the road again.
Click to enlargeDon't get hit by any planes, guys.
Click to enlargeMatt and Jeff check the weather.
Click to enlargeBarth and Josh somewhere between the high-bay and Texas.
Click to enlargeAttaching the flight cables to the outer frame.
Click to enlargeThe gondola hanging on the pivot.
Click to enlargeEd graciously offers to help motivate us by wearing fewer and fewer clothes every day until we're flight ready.
Click to enlargeAck! SGR has issues.
Click to enlargeA cut-away view of the ACS showing one of the BLAST ADC cards.
Click to enlargeThe lab hat rack.
Click to enlargeThe gondola from the front.
Click to enlargeEd doesn't know when it's time to stop working.

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