Picture Gallery for Sat 2003-08-09 03:42:22 UTC

Click to enlargeMmmm... fresh bread.
Click to enlargeJeff, Dave and Ed at dinner.
Click to enlargeEnzo and Chris at dinner.
Click to enlargeMatt and Marie at dinner.
Click to enlargeEd entertains after dinner.
Click to enlargeIs that the same Sadie?
Click to enlargeMatt supervises the hoisting of the scoop.
Click to enlargeChris guiding the scoop into place.
Click to enlargeComing down.
Click to enlargeAlmost there.
Click to enlargeAffixing the scoop in place.
Click to enlargeMark removes one of the carabiners from the scoop.
Click to enlargeGaelen removes the second carabiner and the hoisting rod is moved out.
Click to enlargeMid-Air Collision Avoidance
Click to enlargeLifting the ISC into place.
Click to enlargePreparing to bolt the ISC in place.
Click to enlargeBolting the ISC down.
Click to enlargeBolting the ISC down.
Click to enlargeThe Star Camera and Scoop mounted on the inner frame.
Click to enlargeThe inner frame from the front.
Click to enlargeLooking down the bore in the secondary though the hole in the primary.
Click to enlargeThe same thing, but closer.
Click to enlargeThe dirty primary.
Click to enlargeSitting under the gondola, working on Arien, the Sun Sensor computer.
Click to enlargeNitrogen fill.
Click to enlargeJaspaul and Marie cleaning oil off the back of the mirror.
Click to enlargeCondensation on the fill tube.
Click to enlargeJaspaul and Marie are still at it.
Click to enlargeA heavy duty spring scale.
Click to enlargeThe launch vehicle sitting in the hangar.
Click to enlargeChris inspects the oxy-acetelyne torch.
Click to enlargeChris preparing to weld two of the rental cars together. After some thought, we realised that it probably wouldn't be covered under our policy so we abandoned the idea.
Click to enlargeA visitor.
Click to enlargeAnother shot of the bird.
Click to enlargeMark was more patient and was able to get some really good photographs of the bird.
Click to enlargeMore cryogens (the helium) arrive.
Click to enlargeLocal wildlife.
Click to enlargeLocal wildlife.
Click to playKilling time while waiting for Microsoft Visual Studios to install.
Click to enlargeSue comes to visit Barth.
Click to enlargeJosh is ready to pitch in and help.
Click to enlargeMark demonstrates what the ACS will look like when it's finished.
Click to enlargeHey! Aren't those labels upside down?
Click to enlargeHoisting the helium canister.
Click to enlargeTying the helium in place.
Click to enlargezzz... So... zzz... boring! zzz...
Click to enlargeHelium canister in place and secure.
Click to enlargeJeff and Mark work on their bicycles while Jaspaul looks on.
Click to enlargeThe Penn House.
Click to enlargeGaelen and Matt cooking dinner.
Click to enlargeMark and Jeff wash up after eating.
Click to enlargecherry.blast
Click to enlargeRemoving the belly band on the cryostat.
Click to enlargeHoisting the cryostat.
Click to enlargeThe cryostat suspended.
Click to enlargeMark, Jeff and Enzo supervise the installation.
Click to enlargeA giant ball bearing for use in the passive roll damper.
Click to enlargeMounting the DAS.
Click to enlargeMounting the DAS.
Click to enlargeBarth working on GPS code.
Click to enlargeCabling the Receiver and DAS.

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