Picture Gallery for Fri 2003-08-08 04:06:11 UTC

Click to enlargeEd playing guitar in the Japanese House.
Click to enlargeLooking through the dining room to the living room.
Click to enlargeRefueling at the airport.
Click to enlargeRefueling an Italian designed Sky Arrow.
Click to enlargeThe Sky Arrow taxiing.
Click to enlargeThe Sky Arrow taxiing.
Click to enlargeThe plane from the rear.
Click to enlargeThe plane from the front.
Click to enlargeThe liquid nitrogen arrives.
Click to enlargeMe violating ladder safety rules.
Click to enlargeEd shakes down Enzo.
Click to enlargeCity Hall.
Click to enlargeMatt models the new BLAST t-shirts.
Click to enlargeThe new BLAST summer fashions.
Click to enlargeThe cryostat pumping down.
Click to enlargeThe pivot up on blocks, awaiting hanging.
Click to enlargeMarie and Chris mount the Sun Sensor.
Click to enlargeDave and Ed, working hard.
Click to enlargeThe GPS antenna test mount outside. Unfortunately, the antennas are on the other side of the plate, making it difficult to pick up GPS satellites.
Click to enlargeThe GPS box.
Click to enlargeThe GPS box in rave mode.
Click to enlargeChris covers some blue foam in aluminised mylar. Through a bizarre twist of fate, all our blue foam is actually pink.
Click to enlargeFrodo at home in the P.V.
Click to enlargeTesting the BLAST funhouse mirrors.
Click to enlargeSomeone finally turned the GPS array around the right way. Things work better now.
Click to enlargeJaspaul, Gaelen and Chris put blue foam and mylar on the scoop.
Click to enlargeWorking on the web page.
Click to enlargeTime for some coffee!
Click to enlargeThe Integrating Star Camera (ISC) lab mount, coming together.
Click to enlargeDavid and Marie inspect the mount.
Click to enlargeOutside the high-bay in the early evening.
Click to enlargePositioning the ISC mount outside.
Click to enlarge"Who gets to carry the camera?"
Click to enlargeThe ISC mounted and pointing towards Polaris.
Click to enlargeThe start of cool-down: liquid nitrogen being pumped into the nitrogen tank.
Click to enlargeA close up of the nitrogen transfer tube.
Click to enlargeThe gondola though a crack in the door.
Click to enlargeMe braiding a cable.
Click to enlargeVice grips frozen to the nitrogen transfer tube.
Click to enlargeGhostly image of star grabbing with the ISC.
Click to enlargeMarie and Ed at work.
Click to enlargeThe ghost of a former BLASTer helping Ed and David at the camera.
Click to enlargeMatt removes the transfer tube from the LN tank.
Click to playBlow-off from the nitrogen tank. On the right, you can see the nitrogen transfer tube now filling the liquid helium tank with nitrogen for the initial cool-down.
Click to enlargeChris shows his sunny side.
Click to enlargeThat thing's awfully bright.

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