Picture Gallery for Thu 2003-08-07 04:09:35 UTC

Click to enlargeSometimes phone messages in the High Bay can get confusing...
Click to enlargeQuite, please.
Click to enlargeMark working on the APM.
Click to enlargeA different Mark working on the optical alignment.
Click to enlargeMy cell phone has bad reception in the High Bay (as well as the rest of New Mexico).
Click to enlargeEd benchmarking 3D acceleration.
Click to enlargeDave's Venture Foods
Click to enlargeThe UBC House.
Click to enlargeJaspaul, Matt and Gaelen prepare lunch.
Click to enlargeChris and Matt put the cryostat back on the cart after it was taken off the gondola.
Click to enlargeDitto.
Click to enlargeThe EPROM burner has only one button on it which is inexplicably labelled "YES!"
Click to enlargeStar Camera Innards.
Click to enlargeLooking up the Star Camera baffle.
Click to enlargeDitto, but off axis.
Click to enlargeDevice wishing.
Click to enlargeA strategic meeting on the tarmac.
Click to enlargeWilly's World is an odd one.
Click to enlargeThe "Jesus Candles", a BLAST tradition since, um, October or something like that.
Click to enlargeMark, Enzo, Matt, and Marie rewrapping the dewar shields.
Click to enlargeDavid and Ed.
Click to enlargeThe SGR.
Click to enlargeThe bottom of the cryostat hanging from the crane.
Click to enlargeMark dremels the dewar.
Click to enlargeMark dremels the dewar.
Click to enlarge¡No Hacer Funcionar!
Click to playAction sequence: installing Microsoft Visual Studio.

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