Picture Gallery for Sat 2003-08-02 23:59:59 UTC

Click to enlargeThe view from my hotel room.
Click to enlargeThe Fort Sumner Super 8 motel.
Click to enlargeLooking west down the road from the Super 8 (into town). Note Sprout's Cafe. Note the Billy the Kid Country Inn. Note the sign to the airport.
Click to enlargeLooking east down the road from the Super 8 (out of town). Note, erm, well, nothing.
Click to enlargeThe Billy the Kid Museum.
Click to enlargeThe Fort Sumner Industrial Park with sites available for (oddly enough) Industry. I ca'n't figure out what, exactly, has been donated. This is the edge of the airport land. Note the High bay in the distance.
Click to enlargeFort Sumner Municipal Airport and Industrial Development Park.
Click to enlargeThe airport itself. The large hangar in the foreground houses the machine shop and also various NSBF vehicles. The high-bay is behind it.
Click to enlargeLunch at Sadie's. From left: Greg Tucker, Mark Devlin, Gaelen Marsden, Matt Truch.
Click to enlargeLunch at Sadie's. From left: Chris Semisch, Jaspaul Chung, Mark Halpern, Marie Rex, Jeff Klein.
Click to enlargeSadie's. Note the open signs. Hours of operation are pseudorandom (and not reflective of the one posted).
Click to enlargeMatt, Jeff, Greg and Marie contemplating the cryostat.
Click to enlargeThe inside of the optics box. The prominent round things are the mounts for the filters. At left you can see one of the Bolometer Detector Arrays (BDAs). The black stuff is a mixture of carbon and stycast (an epoxy).
Click to enlargeChris attaching the heat exchanger to the inner frame.
Click to enlargeThe NASA Logo (The "Worm") on the side of the High-Bay. The Worm was retired in 1992 in favour of the old NASA Insignia (The "Meatball"). This should give you a good idea of the last time the exterior of the high-bay was painted.
Click to enlargeLooking south from the High-Bay, across the airport runway.
Click to enlargeLooking south-east form the High-Bay. The town's water tower can be seen in the distance.
Click to enlargeChris and Mark contemplate the gondola.
Click to enlargeThe conference continues.
Click to enlargeHrm... they seem to have done this a fair bit.
Click to enlargeMatt.
Click to enlargeThe BLAST fleet. The UBC car (foreground) and the Penn car (background) attempted to box in the Brown car. It eventually escaped.
Click to enlargeMark and Gaelen spray painting unpainted but exposed aluminum.
Click to enlargeSystem administration is always fun...
Click to enlargeA view of the high-bay. The gondola's together, but nothing is on it, yet.
Click to enlargeAnother view of the high-bay. Just in front of Matt, Marie and Greg you can see the open cryostat with the rectangular optics box on top of it. The cylinder in front of the optics box is the helium-3 fridge.
Click to enlargeThe radioactive materials locker is strategically located to ensure people have to pass by it.
Click to enlargeLocal high-bay fauna.

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