Picture Gallery for Fri 2003-08-01 23:59:59 UTC

Click to enlargeTerminal Three at Pearson International Airport in Toronto. Observe the SARS silliness.
Click to enlargeLooking across the tarmac at Terminal Three.
Click to enlargeThe inner field at Pearson.
Click to enlargeTerminal Three's departure lounge -- if you've seen one you've seen them all.
Click to enlargeThe A319 that took me from Toronto to Phoenix on the ground after the flight.
Click to enlargeThe horizon in Phoenix is a lot less planar than it is in Toronto.
Click to enlargeTerminal Four in Phoenix. Lots of people.
Click to enlargeThey're rather vague when it comes to Canadian destinations in Phoenix...
Click to enlargeThe 737 in Albuquerque after the flight.
Click to enlargeAn aeroplane hanging in the Albuquerque airport. Note also the beams holding up the ceiling which are meaningful in some manner I was never interested enough to find out about.
Click to enlargeThe University of New Mexico Campus.
Click to enlargeThe Center of the Universe.
Click to enlargeThe Duck Pond. Note the ducks.
Click to enlargeThe Zimmerman Library. Note the adobe.
Click to enlargeThe main entrance to the University of New Mexico.
Click to enlargeIn the bus, heading from the University back to the Airport.
Click to enlargeThe airport grounds, as viewed from the car rental shuttle bus.
Click to enlargeThe Albuquerque airport.
Click to enlargeThe Albuquerque airport.
Click to enlargeThe sign above the Albuquerque airport. Signs on train and bus stations I understand, ones on airports confuse me. Especially ones like this, which face away from arriving planes and towards the street.
Click to enlargeThe view from the top of the 0 parking lot.
Click to enlargeAt the truck stop in Santa Rosa.
Click to enlargeThe Super 8 motel room.

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