Severe Weather Conditions

The general state of the weather, and resultant restrictions on travel, at South Pole Station are divided into three Severe Weather Conditions.

Severe Weather Condition 3

Weather: Condition 3
Wind:< 88 km/h
W'Chill:> −60°C
Vis:> 400 m

This is good weather. No travel restrictions apply.

Severe Weather Condition 2

Weather: Condition 2
Wind:88–100 km/h
W'Chill:−73– −60°C
Vis:30–400 m

High winds, low windchill or low visibility occurring or imminent. Travellers must check in with Comms prior to departure and again upon return. Recreational travel is prohibited.

Severe Weather Condition 1

Weather: Condition 1
Wind:> 100 km/h
W'Chill:< −73°C
Vis:< 30 m

Very high winds, very low windchill or very low visibility occurring or imminent. Travelling is prohibited, except for "mission critical" travel, with approval of Station brass.