Picture Gallery for Thu 2005-02-24 05:07:26 UTC

Click to playGaelen and Victor go up to test fit the solar array strut.
Click to enlargeThe uncut solar array struts.
Click to enlargeBLAST during compatibility.
Click to enlargeEnzo takes a nap after a frustrating day of debugging the TDRSS.
Click to enlargeMarco and Marie measure the mirror box.
Click to enlargeMarco's office.
Click to enlargeComing back inside after passing compatibility.
Click to enlargeMark gives the pre-packing pep talk.
Click to enlargeTape box.
Click to enlargeTieing down the transfer tube.
Click to enlargeBringing in the mirror box.
Click to enlargeMark plays the BLAST alpenhorn.
Click to enlargeMark, Matt and Jeff relaxing at the pool.
Click to enlargeFrog.
Click to enlargeRemoving the sun shields.
Click to enlargeMark removes the cable from the Iridium antenna.
Click to enlargeGetting ready to remove the baffle.
Click to enlargeRemoving the baffle.
Click to enlargeRobin and company remove the SIP.
Click to enlargeMarie and Jaspaul unpaint the ISC.
Click to enlargeRemoving the secondary.
Click to enlargeRemoving the primary.
Click to playRemoving the primary.
Click to enlargeInFocus's calling card.

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